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Longer Nights, Warmer Days

March has finally arrived and a new season is upon us! Soon we’ll see the trees start to bud and the flowers will be blooming right behind them.

For me, a new season means newness is on the horizon. A newness of each day, followed by new relationships, new places to visit, new memories to be made. New seasons bring life to our lives.

We’re approaching our 3rd Adoptees Connect meeting in Lexington, KY. I know our Adoptees Connect – Lancaster, PA is also approaching the 3rd meeting. We’re excited this thing is rolling right along.

In April we’ll be planning on having our meeting outside somewhere, as long as it’s warm enough and everyone is okay with that. Lexington, KY has some gorgeous areas I’m eager to share with my fellow adoptees with our Adoptees Connect Group.

The great thing about these groups is we can navigate the flow of the groups however we all see fit, as long as everyone is comfortable with it. I personally have always had a deep tie to nature so having a few of our groups out in nature is pulling on my heart strings. It’s great we can organically plan things and go where our hearts are calling us to go.

As the nights get longer, we can appreciate the fact that we might have a little more time together. We hold our groups the second Saturday of every month from 5P-7P When the group wraps up at 7P it will still be light outside, so hopefully we can make some outdoor memories following our group. Lexington has plenty of spots where we could explore so there is no shortage of things to do.

As we navigate the new seasons in our lives, my hope is we’re all able to see one another more, build relationships, and share life together.

Our next meeting is March 10th at Common Grounds on High in Lexington. We’ll be meeting from 5P-7P and hopefully follow the meeting up with a bite to eat somewhere.

I can’t wait to see everyone next Saturday!

Love & Shalom,

Pamela Karanova



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