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January 13th 2018 – First Meeting


Hi Everyone,

We’ve set a official date for our first meeting and I’m so excited to get together with my TRIBE! It’s along time coming here in the Lexington, KY area.

We’ve decided to meet at Wild Fig Coffee & Books which is a cute little coffee shop off Limestone. They serve coffee, treats and it has a home feel to it you don’t feel at most coffee shops. Not only that but they are a  private owned local coffee shop and I try to support them as much as possible.

Saturday, January 13th 2018 from 5:00P-7:00P


Our first meeting I would really just like to introduce myself and express my reasons for starting this support group. I would like to share what has been on my heart that made me put this long time dream into action. I want to share a little of my adoption story and then I would like to make a few announcements.

This will be followed by opening up the floor to my tribe, my fellow adoptees and give them a chance to introduce themselves, and share a little about what brings them to the group.

I would then like to receive some input from my fellow adoptees about a few questions I have regarding our group guidelines. It’s important to me that everyone knows this is our group, we’re in this together and I want everyone to be as comfortable as possible. Hopefully we have enough time to do this.

I think that’s it for now.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!

Kind Regards,

Pamela K.





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