About Adoptees Connect – Lexington, KY


Adoptees Connect – Lexington, KY is founded and facilitated by Pamela Karanova of Lexington, KY. Although Pamela is an Iowa native, she moved to Lexington, KY when she was 17 years old and considers it to be her home.

Pamela believes the complexities from being adopted are those that can only be understood by another adoptee and adoptees hold the most valuable perspective in the adoption equation.

Pamela has 3 adult children and receives more joy than anyone could imagine being the mom to these amazing individuals. She’s a full time Caregiver/Team Leader in the home health field and works PT in the hotel/hospitality industry. She loves what she does and considers herself blessed to be a blessing. She loves the simple things in life, hot tea, coffee, sunrises, sunsets, and bonfires. She loves hiking and chasing waterfalls and she finds much peace and joy in nature.

Pamela has navigated her own search and reunion for her maternal and paternal birth families over her lifetime and has a wealth of resources to share with her fellow adoptees. She has a passion for connecting with other adoptees all over the world, so they know they aren’t alone. Although most of her connections have been made online, she’s had it on her heart for years to put her dream into action in her community and create a safe space for adult adoptees who can connect in real life.

After searching for years for her own “safe space” to share her adoptee feelings and experiences she’s found that Lexington, KY has no Adult Adoptee Support Groups. This leaves Adult Adoptees in this area to navigate their journey alone. The aloneness many adoptees feel is radiated by lack of knowledge and understanding in the professional communities such as psychiatrists, therapists, and those familiar with adoption.

It’s simple, no one knows how it feels to be adopted unless they are an adoptee themselves.

Many adoptees can experience lifelong complicated grief, loss, abandonment and rejection issues. C-PTSD is very common among adult adoptees, as well as many lifelong complications from being separated from our birth mother’s, otherwise known as the The Primal Wound.

Pamela feels it’s critical for an adoptees health and happiness to be able to share their stories and know they won’t be silenced, judged or alone.

Pamela has years of support group leadership experience being the Group Leader for Women’s Chemical Dependency for Celebrate Recovery in Lexington, KY. Her best source of experience is living as an adult adoptee and navigating her experiences for 43 years. She shares her adoption journey at Adoptee In Recovery. She’s very transparent about sharing her heart regarding her adoption experience. She’s created “How Does It Feel To Be Adopted?” and “Ask An Adoptee” to create a space for her fellow adoptees to connect, share their voices and validate one another’s experiences.

There’s power in numbers and community. Statistics show Adoptees are 4x more likely to attempt Suicide than non-adoptees and the prisons, jails, mental health facilities and treatment facilities are over represented with adoptees. Considering these alarming statistics, Pamela put Her longtime dream of creating a safe space for adoptees in her community into action.

To learn more about Pamela click Here.

Adoptees Connect – Lexington, KY will launch January 2018.

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